144 vocational secondary schools throughout the country will be mainly repaired

144 vocational secondary schools throughout the country will be mainly repaired

30 Oct 2017 | 16:23

416 educational institutions will be repaired with 624 million BGN from Operational Programme “Regions in Growth”


In this programme period we will implement projects for improvement of the material-technical base in educational institutions – from kindergartens, through schools, to higher educational institutions with 624 million BGN under Operational Programme “Regions in Growth” 2014 - 2020. It total 416 educational institutions, which 255 269 children and young people will be trained in, will be modernized next year.

The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov informed this today at a joint press conference with the Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev. At it the two Ministers presented the activities under priority axis 3 “Regional educational infrastructure” of the Operational Programme under which the Ministry of Education and Science receives a grant.

The resource of 624 million BGN exceeds by about 30% the anticipated one for such activities with regard to the preceding programme period. The funds are distributed amongst 72 municipalities beneficiaries under first and third priority axis of Operational Programme “Regions in Growth” and three Ministries – of Education and Science, of Youth and Sports and of Culture, which shall carry out modernization of in total 416 educational institutions, Minister Nankov said.

Contracts with 17 municipalities were signed up to now, which will receive a grant in the amount of 130 million BGN. Another 16 projects for educational infrastructure are in the process of preparation and conclusion at the value of nearly 168 million BGN for repairs in 30 schools and 40 kindergartens. The Ministries of Culture and of Youth and Sports will have a budget of 14 million BGN for performance of repairs in sports schools and schools of arts, the Regional Minister announced.

Nikolay Nankov pointed out that the purpose of the investments is to render support to the main Governmental priority – the education and the creation of healthier educational environment for the children and young people, and in the present programme period focus is placed onto the vocational education.

The total budget of the procedure “Support of vocational schools in Bulgaria” is 166,5 million BGN with only 10 million BGN during the preceding programme period, Nikolay Nankov indicated. He explained that with these funds 144 vocational educational institutions will be supported. From them 102 schools will be modernized within the framework of 8 contracts with a beneficiary the Ministry of Education. The relevant municipal administrations receive a grant for other 42 vocational schools, which are municipal.

The Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev announced that measures for energy efficiency will be introduced with the financial resource, and the buildings will be repaired, with equipment, inclusive of specialized such, bases for practical training and sports infrastructure. The renovation activities shall comprise nearly 40% of the vocational secondary schools, which 55% of the pupils study in.