Administrative-spatial planning and decentralization

Ministry Of Regional Development and Public Works

The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works implements the state policy in the field of administrative-territorial structure, developing and consolidation of local self-governance. 

Administrative-territorial structure represents an action of division of the country, formation of administrative and territorial units and establishment of administrative bodies in them to implement state policy at local level within their powers established by the Constitution and relevant laws. This policy aims for realization of optimal distribution of powers and financial resources between the central and local levels of government based on well-founded and verified management practice mechanisms and instruments for a more efficient and quality delivery of public services to the population.

The process of local government reform and administrative-territorial structure of the country aims at deepening the process of transferring powers and resources to local authorities and increasing the level of interaction between national levels. This is reflected in the updated Strategy for decentralization adopted by decision № 454 of July 2, 2010 of the Council of Ministers as well as through the implementation of the activities provided in this document.