“Balkan – Mediterranean” 2014-2020 Transnational Cooperation Programme

The overall objective of the programme is the use of shared territorial advantages and support integrated territorial development and cooperation for a more competitive and sustainable Balkan – Mediterranean area.

The geographical scope of the programme includes three EU Member States: Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria and two candidate countries: Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The total budget amounts to EUR 39 727 654, including EUR 28 330 108 from ERDF, EUR 5 126 138 from IPA and EUR 6 271 408 national co-financing.

Programme beneficiaries can be legal persons registered in the eligible programme area and do not generate profits (local / regional / national institutions or subdivisions thereof; national and regional agencies, administrations of protected areas, local / regional administrations Forestry Management, cultural institutions, community centres, NGOs, educational organisations – universities, schools, colleges and libraries; Euro-regions, associations of two or more of the above institutions / organisations).

“Balkans – Mediterranean” operates through two main priority axes: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” and “Environment” and Technical Assistance Priority Axis.

Additional information can be found on the official website of the programme.