Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

What we know today as Ministry of Regional development and Public Works was established in the far 1882. The first Ministry of public buildings, agriculture and trade was established with a decree 463 of the Royal prince Alexander I, where Georgi Valkovich was appointed as a Minister.

Since then it is an inseparable part of each and every government. With the years passing by, the Ministry has changed its name according to the functions it has been implementing. Within the scope of the Ministry’s competence are: issues connected to the roads, railways, posts and communications, construction, and construction materials, architecture and public works. 

Nowadays, the Ministry of Regional development and Public Works is responsible for the conduction of a reform for the Country’s development, the territorial spatial planning, the setting up of the main networks and facilities for technical infrastructure.

The very first tasks, assigned to the newly formed Ministry, coincide with its present functions.