INTERREG VI-A Romania-Bulgaria 2021-2027 programme

The Interreg VI-A Romania - Bulgaria 2021-2027 programme is a EU programme for cross-border cooperation in which the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania participate.

The programme focuses on projects that jointly solve region-specific challenges, have a real cross-border impact and benefit the population, businesses and institutions in the cross-border region. Following the good practices of the previous two programme periods, the programme will invest in operations related to climate change, risk prevention and management, preservation and protection of the environment, promotion of resource efficiency, sustainable transport, promotion of employment and mobility of workforce.

The total budget of the programme amounts to 207,457,162 euros (European Regional Development Fund + national co-financing).

Beneficiaries of the Interreg VI-A Romania - Bulgaria 2021-2027 programme are the public administration, business circles, non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutions, representatives of civil society, organizations supporting environmental protection, organizations supporting business.

More information about the future programme can be found on its official website.