INTERACT III 2014-2020 Interregional Cooperation Programme

INTERACT III 2014-2020 is an interregional cooperation programme whose actions are aimed at supporting good governance and the implementation of all territorial cooperation programmes, including ones financed by IPA II and ENPI.

The core objective of the Programme is to promote the exchange of experience and dissemination of good practices and innovative approaches to the management and implementation of territorial cooperation programmes.

INTERACT III 2014-2020 covers the entire territory of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland as well as the external borders of the Union.

The total budget amounts to MEUR 46.3 of which funds from the European Regional Development Fund are MEUR 39.4 and MEUR 6.9 are national co-financing.

The Programme will be implemented through two priority axes: PA 1 “Service delivery” and PA 2 “Technical Assistance”.

Main target groups are:

  • Programme managers (ETC, IPA II CBC, ENI CBC, all components);
  • National / Regional cooperation stakeholders;
  • EU-wide stakeholders, who will be addressed only as far as appropriate for the benefit of cooperation.

Main beneficiaries are the four decentralised units – Vienna (Austria), Turku (Finland), Valencia (Spain) and Viborg (Denmark) as all activities and work packages will be carried out by coordinators working in these regional offices.

Additional information can be found on the official website of the Programme

Official Programme Website: