Housing Strategy

Development of a National Housing Strategy and national programmes for its implementation, NHS in short, related to expiration of the operation time of the National Housing Strategy, adopted 2004, as well as to be found adequate long-term solutions of the problems in the housing sector in the present-day sociopolitical, socioeconomic and demographic conditions, is coming to be deputed.

Based on analysis and researches on the status and needs of the housing sector in Bulgaria, the obligations of Bulgaria according to the international agreements in the field of ˈhousing conditionsˈ as well as the European models of housing systems, a new ˈworkingˈ model of the Bulgarian Housing System will be developed, wherein to be found a solution of the following existing problems:

  • outdated and unsupported housing stock needing system repair and renovation;
  • risk from structural problems in part of the building stock;
  • high energy consumption of the existing building stock;
  • low comfort and unhealthy living conditions;
  • predominating number of illegal residential buildings that are not in line with statutory standards;
  • lack of social housing stock that secures access to homes for the disabled relevant to the needs of the population;
  • constantly increasing rate of the uninhabitable homes;
  • lack of financial mechanisms for providing access to home purchase and demising for people with low incomes;
  • lack of appropriate conditions, stimulating young people to seek satisfaction of their long term living needs in Bulgaria.

Currently contract signing for the development of NHS is imminent as for maximum optimization of the processes on its creation and approval an interdepartmental working group with secured broad public participation of all parties concerned will be established.