Housing Strategy

The draft National Housing Strategy (NHS) is to be updated, national programmes for its implementation are to be developed in connection with the expiry of the National Housing Strategy adopted in 2004 and in order to find adequate long-term solutions to the problems existing in the housing sector in the current socio-political, socio-economic and demographic conditions.

Based on analysis and research on the state and needs of the housing sector in Bulgaria, our country’s commitments in international agreements in the field of “housing”, as well as European models of housing systems, will examine the existing problems and propose measures to improve the Bulgarian housing system, with particular attention to:

- obsolete and unmaintained housing stock in need of systematic repair and renovation;

- a steadily increasing percentage of uninhabited dwellings;

- risk of structural problems in part of the building stock;

- high energy intensity of the existing building stock;

- lack of social housing stock appropriate to the needs of the population to ensure access to housing for disadvantaged groups;

- lack of financial mechanisms to ensure access to home purchase and rental for low-income families;

- lack of appropriate conditions to encourage young people to seek satisfaction of their long-term living needs in Bulgaria.