INTERREG-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia Programme 2014-2020

INTERREG-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia Programme 2014-2020 is a CBC programme financed by the European Union funds under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

The overall objective of the Programme is to stimulate the balanced and sustainable development of the Bulgaria-Serbia border region integrated in the European space – achieved through smart economic growth, environmental change adaptation and learning culture enhancement.

The eligible Programme area covers a territory of 43 933, or around 22% of the both countries’ territories (Bulgaria and Serbia). It borders with Romania to the North and with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the South.

The Programme area includes 13 administrative units: 6 NUTS level III regions in Bulgaria, and the equivalent NUTS III 7 regions in Serbia.

The total budget of the Programme is EUR 34 102 256.

The Programme has four priority axes: “Sustainable Tourism”, “Youth” and “Environment” (under which investment and “soft measures” projects are financed) and Technical Assistance Priority Axis.

Programme beneficiaries can be legal persons registered in the border region between Bulgaria and Serbia and do not generate profits (local / regional / national institutions or subdivisions thereof; national and regional agencies, administrations of protected areas, local / regional administrations Forestry Management, cultural institutions, community centres, NGOs, educational organisations – universities, schools, colleges and libraries; Euro-regions, associations of two or more of the above institutions / organisations).

Managing Authority of the Programme is the “Territorial Cooperation Management” Directorate General at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Bulgaria and the National Authority is the Office for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia.

Additional information can be found on the website of the Programme.