Deputy Minister Boneva: We encourage a “green” component in every project under the European programmes of the MRDPW

Deputy Minister Boneva: We encourage a “green” component in every project under the European programmes of the

06 Jul 2023 | 18:06

“Count on the 4.7 billion euro investment that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works manages for the development of environmentally oriented projects, especially in Bulgaria’s cities. So-called “green” investments are already being implemented in our country, currently as “green” islands, but this is a process that has started successfully and is hopefully now irreversible. The MRDPW is already involved in green investments”. With these words, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Angelina Boneva addressed the participants in the Green Urban Infrastructure Summit Bulgaria 2023 forum, which took place in Sofia.

She outlined the opportunities for European funding of projects available to municipalities and the NGO sector:

- Three schemes launched to apply for energy efficiency of the building stock under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan;

- Green mobility scheme launched - also under the Recovery Plan;

- Start of the Regional Development Prorgamme 2021-2027, under which the first phase for integrated territorial investments and financial instruments was announced and last but not least cross-border programmes for investments in border regions were launched.

All these European funding schemes are opportunities for the development of projects of local authorities, NGOs in the regions and municipalities, businesses and citizens, it became clear from the words of the Deputy Minister. The idea is that the construction of infrastructure and the protection of the environment should no longer come into conflict, but be united in the interests of citizens. When designing and building roads with EU funding, for example, it will be possible to plan and build charging stations for electric cars. In this way, the ‘green’ component will be promoted in projects implemented with EC funds.

The main investments are foreseen for energy efficiency measures and renovation of residential, public and industrial buildings; urban mobility; road infrastructure; development of environmentally friendly, safe, functional and energy efficient transport systems and delivery of zero emission public transport vehicles; construction of electric charging stations; measures for an improved urban environment.

“Regarding the just transition, let us further develop the strategy, let us have plans and let us benefit from the expertise of our colleagues from the European Commission to further improve our planning and from the European funds for green investments and solutions”, Angelina Boneva urged.

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works