Second Call for project proposals under the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey Programme

Second Call for project proposals under the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey Programme

10 Jan 2018 | 11:16

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria

(Managing Authority)

in cooperation with

Republic of Turkey Ministry for EU Affairs

(National Authority)

Announce on the 10.01.2018 the Second Call for project proposals under the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey Programme, with aim to improve the cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Turkey. The Programme is co-financed from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance II (IPA II) of the European Union.

The overall objective of the Programme is strengthening the Bulgaria-Turkey cross-border cooperation capacity in the field of nature protection and sustainable tourism, leading to enhancement of European territorial cohesion.

The total amount allocated to the Second Call for proposals is € 15 650 351. 

Project proposals would have to target one of the following Priority Axes and specific objectives under the Programme:

•Priority Axis 1: Environment:
oSpecific objective 1.1: Preventing and mitigating the consequences of natural and man-made disasters in the cross-border area;
oSpecific objective 1.2: Improving the capacity for nature protection, sustainable use and management of common natural resources through cooperation initiatives in the cross-border area.

•Priority axis 2: Sustainable tourism
oSpecific objective 2.1: Increasing the touristic attractiveness of the cross-border area through better utilisation of natural, cultural and historical heritage and related infrastructure;
oSpecific objective 2.2: Increasing the cross-border tourism potential by developing common destinations;
oSpecific objective 2.3: Increasing networking for development of sustainable tourism through cross-border cooperation initiatives.

The key objective of the Programme is to raise the capacity of the local and regional authorities in the development and implementation of joint projects in the eligible cross-border region, defined in the Programme as follows:

For Republic of Bulgaria (administrative level NUTS III) – districts of Burgas, Yambol and Haskovo;
For Republic of Turkey (administrative level NUTS III equivalent) – provinces of Edirne and Kırklareli.

The full package of documents, including the Guidelines for Applicants is published and can be found on the following websites:

The deadline for submission of project proposals is 11 April 2018, 17:00 h. local time in Bulgaria. The project proposal must be submitted entirely in electronic form using the Electronic System.

A campaign for information and support of applicants is going to be organized in the upcoming months in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey. The dates and venues of the information events are going to be announced soon on the web site of the Programme.

You can contact the Joint Secretariat of the Programme for additional information:

Main office in Haskovo: tel. +359 38 663 888;
Branch office in Edirne: tel. + 90 284 214 9909.

Application package:
1.Guidelines for Applicants, including Attachments;
2.Application Form;
4.Annex C: Subsidy contract.

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
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