The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has launched two European programs for a total of EUR 360 million

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has launched two European programs for a total of EUR 36

18 Apr 2022 | 16:39

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has announced calls for projects under two of the European Territorial Cooperation Programs for the new programming period until 2027. Thus, in practice, INTERREG EUROPE and the Euro-Mediterranean Basin (EURO-MED) are the first euros. programs that are starting to run.

Until May 31st, potential beneficiaries can apply under the INTERREG EUROPE 2021-2027 Program. It assists local, regional and national authorities across the EU in developing and implementing regional development policies by sharing common solutions. Supported interregional cooperation projects must involve national, regional or local authorities, as well as other organisations responsible for developing and / or implementing regional development policies, from at least three different countries in Europe to carry out joint activities for three to four years. . Measures to implement policies for a more competitive and smarter Europe are eligible; a greener, lower-carbon and sustainable Europe; a better connected Europe; a more social and inclusive Europe; Europe closer to the citizens; better management of cooperation. Depending on the status of the organisation, the program offers funding from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of 70% to 80% for project activities such as joint meetings, study visits, peer reviews, development of action plans. The budget under the ERDF call is 130 million euros. Depending on the number of partners and the duration, project funding is expected to average around 1-2 million euros.

For information of potential candidates on the website of the program are published:

- the requirements for the development of project proposals in the first call;

- database for project ideas and search for potential partners;

- tool for self-assessment of the project idea;

- Record of the planning sessions of the Forum for Interregional Cooperation "Europe, let's cooperate!" To present the first call, including questions and answers.

Until May 24 this year Proposals for the new EU Territorial Cooperation Program "Euro-Mediterranean Basin" (EURO-MED) 2021-2027 are being called up. Potential beneficiaries can submit proposals under Priority 3 "Good Governance in the Mediterranean Region". It is envisaged to support projects for institutional dialogue - with beneficiaries regional and national public authorities. The aim is to improve the coordination between individual projects and to create clusters of projects in order to successfully integrate the results into practice and public policies. The activities are focused on future thematic projects under the first two priorities of the program - innovation and environment. The expected start of the project activities is by the end of November this year. Funding is provided for joint initiatives at local, regional and national level in the priority areas "Innovation", "Adapting to climate change and transition to a circular economy" and "Improving governance and cooperation". Detailed information about the invitation, incl. guidelines for applications, a search platform for partner organisations, questions and answers, as well as presentations from information days can be found on the program's website: -projects / .

Through the European instrument Bulgaria has access to European funding for joint projects with 67 Mediterranean regions - mostly coastal areas and islands in ten EU member states. Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Slovenia also participate with their entire territory. Also included are 11 regions from Spain, 5 regions from France, 3 regions from Portugal, as well as EU candidate countries: the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. The total estimated budget of the instrument for the period 2021-2027 is about 230 million euros, provided by the European Regional Development Fund and a national contribution from the participating countries. The program will fund measures in the field of innovation and new technologies - projects to increase the innovation capacity of public authorities and private entities to implement solutions for a sustainable and green economy and a greener environment for the Mediterranean region. The focus of the program is the protection of the environment, as measures are envisaged to solve common problems related to pollution of maritime areas, waste management, protection of biological diversity and others.

Under both programs, co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund for project activities amounts to 80%. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will provide national co-financing from the national budget to each Bulgarian partner in the amount of 15% of its budget in the project, by concluding a contract for providing national co-financing between the ministry and the partner. The remaining part (5%) of the national co-financing will be the beneficiaries' own contribution.