With BGN 2.1 million from the Operational Programme for Regional Development, an intelligent road safety system will be built on 11 second and third class road sections in the country

With BGN 2.1 million from the Operational Programme for Regional Development, an intelligent road safety syste

05 Nov 2020 | 10:40

Smart signs and modern markings will keep drivers on the nearly 120 km

A pilot intelligent road safety system on 11 sections of the national road network will be built for nearly BGN 2.1 million, provided by the Operational Programme "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020 managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. The contract was signed by the Deputy Minister and Head of the Managing Authority of the OPRG Denitsa Nikolova and the President of the State Agency for Road Safety Malina Krumova. The Agency will implement the project in partnership with the Road Infrastructure Agency.

The project covers nearly 120 km of secondary and tertiary roads, on which advanced systems will be deployed to improve traffic safety.  It is planned to supply and install 23 electronic signs with changing content, which will transmit up-to-date weather and traffic information in real time.  They will be equipped with outdoor temperature and visibility sensors.  They will also record the number of vehicles passing and have video-surveillance cameras.

The project also includes the construction of 2,200 square meters of transverse optical markings, 5,670 square meters of transverse noise markings, and over 12,000 square meters of longitudinal noise markings.  About 8200 reflective road markings and almost 2000 reflective guide elements will be installed.

The system will cover two sections with a total length of 43 km of the second-class road II-81 Kostinbrod - Buchin Prohod - Berkovitsa, 6 routes with a total length of over 55 km of the second-class road II-29 Varna - General Toshevo - Kardam, 11 km of the direction Pamporovo - Stoykite, 6 km of the road III-181 SOP - S. Kovachevtsi and over 3 km of road II-18 Sofia ring road - South arc.

Facilities will be located at critical points identified based on additional analyses to prioritize sites based on traffic accident data, traffic congestion, specific weather conditions, etc.