INTERREG-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia Programme 2014-2020 - Objectives

The Interreg-IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria – Serbia 2014-2020 was established within the European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth and the national strategic documents and its purpose is to serve as a tool for integrated support in the cross-border region, thereby it seeks to achieve a positive impact on the development of the border area in both countries.

The overall objective of the Programme is to create a positive socio-economic environment, necessary for the development of the border area, as two main challenges are faced: (1) to invest in the effective valorisation and the efficient management of the territory; and (2) to increase cross-border networks, interactions and connections both at the social, economic and environmental spheres.

These are to be considered as pillars of the new Programme, reflected in its overall objective: to stimulate the balanced and sustainable development of the Bulgaria-Serbia border region integrated in the European space – achieved through smart economic growth, environmental change adaptation and learning culture enhancement.

This general objective is the basis for developing the strategic framework of the Programme which involves three thematic priorities, namely: “Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage”, “Investing in youth, education and skills” and “Conservation of the environment and promotion actions for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, prevention and risk management”.

Selected thematic priorities are structured into three priority axes that reflect the needs and challenges of the region: Priority 1 “Sustainable Tourism”, Priority 2 “Youths” and Priority Axis 3 “Environment”.