URBACT III Interregional Cooperation Programme - Priority Axes

Priority Axis 1 “Promoting Integrated Sustainable Urban Development”

Priority Axis 2 “Technical assistance”

The main focus is put on the implementation of 4 main objectives, as follows:

  1. Capacity for policy delivery: Improvement of the capacity of the local authorities (cities) in the design and establishment of integrated urban strategies and actions;
  2. Policy design: Supporting the local authorities in the process of designing sustainable urban strategies and actions;
  3. Policy implementation: Improving the implementation of integrated urban strategies (plans) and actions for sustainable urban development
  4. Building and sharing knowledge: Ensuring that practitioners and decision-makers at all levels (EU, national, regional and local) have increased access to URBACT thematic knowledge and share know-how on all aspects of sustainable urban development in order to improve urban policies.