INTERREG Euro-Mediterranean Programme (EURO MED) 2021-2027 - Priorities

The programme has three priorities:

Priority 1 "Smarter MED" - Smarter Mediterranean Region

  • specific priority: "Increasing the capacity for research and innovation and introduction of advanced technologies";

Priority 2 "Greener MED" - A greener Mediterranean region

  • specific priority: "Promoting the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy";
  • specific priority: "Promoting adaptation to climate change and disaster risk prevention";

Priority 3 "MED Governance" - A well-governed Mediterranean region

  • specific priority "Activities to support better management of cooperation";

To fulfill the priorities and optimize the results, the Euro-MED programme uses 4 thematic areas (called missions). The environment is the basis of every mission. Each supported project must contribute to one mission, within one of the specific priorities selected by the programme.

  • Mission 1: Innovative sustainable economy;

Projects under this mission will increase the capacity of public and private organizations to implement and coordinate regional innovation strategies and strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs by accelerating the transition to a circular and sustainable economy.

  • Mission 2: Natural Heritage;

Projects under this mission will promote climate change mitigation and adaptation measures; to promote the sustainable management of natural resources, and the restoration of degraded ecosystems.

  • Mission 3: Green residential areas;

This group of projects will contribute to the development of greener residential areas and work to minimize the impact on the Mediterranean and the global climate system, focusing on air pollution, energy and mobility;

  • Mission 4: Sustainable tourism.

The projects will deal with the development of sustainable tourism: promoting tourism integrated in the circular economy, accounting for the sustainability of ecosystem services with the help of innovative technologies, as well as promoting the protection of natural resources and cultural heritage.