INTERREG VІ-А IPA Bulgaria-Turkey 2021-2027 - Objectives

The INTERREG VI-A IPA Bulgaria - Turkey 2021-2027 programme was created to respond to the needs and challenges of the cross-border region identified by the Territorial Analysis and in accordance with key policies of the European Union such as green and digital transition, Territorial Agenda 2030, EU enlargement.

The general objective of the programme is to strengthen territorial cohesion in the cross-border region between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey, necessary for the development of the cross-border region and the reduction of inequalities between the better places and those with less prosperous prospects or lagging behind.

The programme strategy includes integrated measures for territorial development - ensuring equal access of SMEs to programme resources to support the "green" transition of enterprises from the point of view of energy efficiency and perspectives of the circular economy, and creation of cross-border chains with added value in certain sectors, especially in the energy sector through joint coordinated actions in the field of energy and the environment, as well as support for institutional cross-border cooperation against open illegal internal migration.