Danube Region Programme 2021-2027 - Eligible Programme area

The programme area consists of 14 (fourteen) countries, which make up the macro-region with the largest number of participating countries of all transnational programmes of the European Union: Member States (MS) of the EU: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany (Baden- Württemberg and Bavaria), Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia; acceding countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, neighboring countries: Moldova and Ukraine (Chernivtsi Region, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Zakarpattia Region, Odesa Region).

Geographically, the area overlaps with the territory covered by the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), comprising the basin of the Danube River and its tributaries, making up one fifth of the EU territory, with a population of approximately 114 million people.